Before I met Judith, I had a job that felt draining and generally unfulfilling. Judith helped me to create a vision of myself working at a job that I could feel passionate about. I approached her with an idea for a project that I didn’t take seriously because I thought work was supposed to be hard and pursuing this project would feel too enjoyable. By reframing my story, she helped me to develop the dream and to have the confidence to pursue it.

Judith guided and encouraged me to get in touch with those things I was most passionate about and a strange thing happened. I began having dreams that I was playing the electric bass. So I tried it and I fell in love with playing. Then I was hooked on finding things that I could feel the same way about and suddenly, the prospect of doing the project became very real. Now my project is successfully helping hundreds of kids and I love to go to work. Judith helped me change my story from one of disconnection to connecting with the things I feel passionate about which has had a profound effect not only on my career but on many areas of my life.