I’m Judith and I am a master coach with a passion to help people rewrite their story.

I am by no means a stranger to adversity. With 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, coach and trainer, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients experiencing a range of challenging situations, from people who’d survived sexual assault to veterans enduring service-related injuries. 

My own experiences in life have challenged me to go beyond my breaking point many times, and they taught me valuable lessons. Those who embrace their situation, no matter how bad, can see opportunity amidst their pain. 

Do nothing, be everything.

The present moment has no need of your story. 

At the center of every heart is an ear.

Notice this moment right now. If it was your last moment to live, what would be attending to instead? 

You are no thing and every thing.

When you don’t think about responsibility as a burden but as your ability to respond what’s available now?

We are not stupid rather we are often stuporous.

I practice “lazy/nosy” coaching. I ask a lot of questions and let my clients do all of the work.

As a coach, your job is not to have brilliant answers but ask profound questions.

When you step into your own authority you are consciously writing your own story. 

If you are not the main character of your own story, you are not authorized to create this story.

What were you before you decided to make yourself wrong?

God’s job is already taken and they will never be seeking a replacement.

It’s all in the prepositions.

It took more than one person to get you into this situation and it’s going to take more than one to get you out!

In the event of a “toxic mental spill” get help to clean it up.

Move from being in the hole to being whole and thus experience holiness.  

The opposite of fear is safety.

I am the “Queen of paradox”… or not!


It’s easy to suffer the omnipotence of impotence and the impotence of omnipotence.

There’s no point in having a tragedy if you can’t make it work for you.

If you are going to create a story (and we always do) give it a happy ending!

There’s no “me” in perfection. But don’t breathe too easily if you’re a perfectionist. There’s no “you” either!

The best way to speed up is to notice your breath and slow slow down. 

If you forgot your passion it’s not your passion.


Story-crafting is a formula that helps people consciously construct heroic stories about challenging situations to evoke hope, inspiration and transformation. Yet, creating a new story is not enough. We must repeatedly take actions that support our new stories. If the transformation is to stick, these actions must be witnessed by others who positively reflect back to us our new story.

It took more than one person to get you into this situation and it’s going to take more than one to get you out!

Read about my own story.


Welcome to the world of Judyisms! These quirky, short pieces of life wisdom are evolving out of my everyday life and work with clients. They contain the essence of who I am, what I believe in and the humour I bring to life. Because if you are going to create a story (and we always do) give it a happy ending.

Let’s go on a Judyism scavenger hunt!


Connection is one of my top values. One of my clients laughingly told me that “You give good phone!” after a particularly powerful session. As I was losing my hearing several years ago, I invested in every technological device that I could find to maintain my intimate connection to clients. Consequently, I am comfortable working with you in a variety of ways including using my webcam which will allow us to see one another in the comfort of your own home or office.

Whatever your circumstances, you can always benefit from having a coach at your side. You’re already in the game of life. Now you just need a coach to help you win your game!



Story-crafting coaching with Judith is a gift. She is a rare combination of a great leader, professional coach, and a wonderful down to earth person and friend. I wouldn’t want to miss one session with her.

E.K., Executive Coach and Consultant, Zurich, Switzerland

Judith taught me to be a masterful and powerful coach! She also had me grow as a leader. Most of all she had me trust my own ability. Thanks to Judith I am very successful in my work as a coach. She’s a true role model.

E.B., Executive Coach, Malmö, Sweden

Judith is a truly remarkable individual who integrates her academic credentials with her own life experiences which results in powerful realizations and transformations.

L.D. Executive Coach and Consultant, Calgary, Canada