It’s time for another installment of my bi-weekly email series. In each issue, I share three resources that I have found to be helpful for myself and/or my clients. As a former librarian and a current voracious gatherer of helpful information, I’m constantly listening to podcasts, reading books and articles, and watching various videos that spark my interest.


What better way to celebrate Halloween than by listening to Selected Shorts’ “Haunting for Halloween,” a selection of short stories guaranteed to haunt you as you listen and maybe even beyond! To quote from their description of this episode,

Guest host Kate Burton presents some unusual chillers for Halloween. Edgar Allan Poe is haunted by a childhood memory in Russell Banks’ “The Caul” performed by Richard Masur. Poe’s eerie poem “The Raven” is performed by René Auberjonois, Fionnula Flanagan, Isaiah Sheffer, and Harris Yulin. A dying emperor tries to communicate in “An Imperial Message” by Franz Kafka, performed by Kaneza Schaal. And Agatha Christie tells a ghost story in “The Lamp,” performed by Rita Wolf.

Spook: Science tackles the Afterlife (cover)Reading:

Mary Roach is one of my favorite science writers. She has the chutzpah to ask questions that people in “polite society” don’t ask but really want to know (see her books “Bonk” on sex and “Gulp” on the intimacies of digestion) and she has a sense of humor that entertains while she educates her readers. “Spook: Science Tackles The Afterlife,” is a great book to read in honor of Halloween. Journey with Roach as she explores what happens to our souls after we die.


Ever wonder about the history of Halloween and how the tradition of trick or treating started? Wonder no more! This video from South Carolina ETV explains it all! Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. If any of these resources elicited any thoughts or feelings that you’d like to share with me, please contact me. If you like these emails, feel free to share them with other coaches, friends, clients and people walking the transformational path.

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