It’s time for another installment of my bi-weekly email series. In each issue, I share three resources that I have found to be helpful for myself and/or my clients. As a former librarian and a current voracious gatherer of helpful information, I’m constantly listening to podcasts, reading books and articles, and watching various videos that spark my interest.


Austin Kleon, who identifies himself as “a writer who draws” is a marvelously creative and inventive guy. He’s written several wonderful books such as “Steal Like an Artist” and “Keep Going.” In this clip, he’s interviewed by Debbie Millman about his childhood influences, the problem of separating your passions from one another, and various ways to maintain and increase your creativity. This is a particularly important interview for coaches. Kleon thinks outside the box and combines different boxes into something that is truly fulfilling if you want to live your most creative and passionate life.


I’ve always been fascinated by postcards and stamps. As a child, I had a stamp collection. Despite my love of postcards, I never collected them in any serious way. Thankfully, Tom Jackson created the Postcard From The Past project in 2016. He now has collected about 70,000 cards which he regularly posts on Twitter along with a line from the back of the card. The collection is a look into the real life of ordinary people over time. Check out this article about him and his collection and click on the link provided in the article to see his actual Twitter page.


For those of you who are getting older (I assume that means all of us) this video is particularly helpful in warding off dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. It is chock filled with easy tips that are free and doable starting right now. For those of you who are much younger than I am, it never hurts to start young in creating habits that will serve you for your entire life. These tips are physical, psychological and social. Many of us do some of these things already. The best news about doing these things now is that they will all help you in the present as well as the future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. If any of these resources elicited any thoughts or feelings that you’d like to share with me, please contact me. If you like these emails, feel free to share them with other coaches, friends, clients and people walking the transformational path.

See you again in two weeks,