It’s time for another installment of my bi-weekly email series. In each issue, I share three resources that I have found to be helpful for myself and/or my clients. As a former librarian and a current voracious gatherer of helpful information, I’m constantly listening to podcasts, reading books and articles, and watching various videos that spark my interest.


Numerous people suffer from eating disorders. Here two siblings discuss their experiences of anorexia and bulimia. I found this episode of Death, Sex & Money particularly compelling due to the honesty and vulnerability of both Oscar (brother) and Charly (sister). Usually when people talk about eating disorders they usually focus on girls and women. However, boys and men also suffer from the pains of disordered eating. Sadly, males are much less likely to ask for or receive help. Should you be grappling with eating issues yourself, there is a link on the website to resources that can be of help to you.


The Art of Noticing: 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the EverydayI love it when I’m roaming the New Books section of my local public library and a book seems to jump off the shelf into my hands. In the case of this book, Rob Walker’s “The Art of Noticing: 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the Everyday” the opposite happened. It is a smaller book than most on the New Books shelf and it was tucked in between two larger volumes. I actually had to pay closer attention to even notice it in the first place. And how perfect, since paying attention is the whole point of this book. I’ve already tried some of the exercises and I find them fascinating. I think you will personally enjoy them and for those of you who are coaches, this is an excellent book to recommend to your clients!


We are awash in images but do we actually see them? David Hooker contends that most of us are visually illiterate and thus we are able to be manipulated by the images around us. However, if you start to cultivate visual literacy (he has some very good ideas on how to do this) we can be come far more aware of what is coming through our screens and via all of the other places that use images to influence us for both good and nefarious purposes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. If any of these resources elicited any thoughts or feelings that you’d like to share with me, please contact me. If you like these emails, feel free to share them with other coaches, friends, clients and people walking the transformational path.

See you again in two weeks,