It’s time for another installment of my bi-weekly email series. In each issue, I share three resources that I have found to be helpful for myself and/or my clients. As a former librarian and a current voracious gatherer of helpful information, I’m constantly listening to podcasts, reading books and articles, and watching various videos that spark my interest.

I suppose if there is a common thread this week it is travel or crossings. I didn’t intend for it to play out that way but looking at these three pieces, the main characters of all of these stories are traveling or crossing from the known to the unknown.


Summertime is soon to be upon us. This is the season when people traditionally leave to explore places unknown or those that they didn’t have enough time to spend during the first time that they visited the place. While it’s great that people are traveling to see the world and meet the people who live in countries so different from their own, over-tourism is ruining some of the most special places on the planet. In this podcast, “How to Be an Ethical Traveler” will explore ways to not ruin the world while traveling, developing a personal code of travel ethics, lessening your environmental impact as you travel, how to travel without suffering from guilt trips about traveling, and finally, how to get the most out of your trip.


What does it mean to grow up as a bicultural Mexican American? As more and more people around the world are being forced to flee their countries due to political strife or economic disadvantage, their children are growing up with bicultural or multicultural identities. Not only are their identities different from their parents, their ability to speak the mother tongue is lacking or clearly overlaid with the accent of their new home. Regardless of whether they’ve come to the United States or have moved to a different country, their children will never experience their parents’ home country in the same way their parents do. Feliz Moreno searches for an answer to the frequently asked question ‘Do you speak Spanish?’ during a trip to Mexico.


A woman in a Facebook group of which I am a member, posted a link to this incredible video this weekend. Camilla Schade has been an actress for over twenty-five years. She decided to write and perform her memoir, “Bones”, as a one woman show that ran for three special performances this month, two in Ithaca, NY and one in Lancaster, PA. “Bones” is the story of her cancer diagnosis and of her coming to peace with not only her impending death, but her life as well. As a cancer survivor myself, I was particularly moved by her honesty, humor, wisdom, and bravery. Sadly, Camilla died on Thursday, May 23, 2019. A bright light has left the world. Do watch until the end. It is riveting.

Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. If any of these resources elicited any thoughts or feelings that you’d like to share with me, please contact me. If you like these emails, feel free to share them with other coaches, friends, clients and people walking the transformational path.

See you again in two weeks,