Unbelievable! This is the fifth newsletter highlighting resources that might be of help to you in your life. Thank you so much for taking the time to browse this list of recommendations, I truly hope they are beneficial for you.

Here’s what’s grabbed my attention this week.


When most people think of being “stoic,” they think of someone who is holding in their emotions and who is not being fully expressed. Stoicism is not that at all. It is one philosophical answer to how to live a good life. As coaches, we are constantly working with our clients to achieve fulfilling, balanced, and present-in-the-moment lives. Stoic philosophers hoped to achieve similar results by focusing on being virtuous, mindful, and being with what we can and cannot control. See how ancient wisdom is still applicable today in this podcast published by RadioWest.


How to Change Minds (book cover)Most people do not want to be thought of as manipulative. I, personally, feel shame when thinking that I’ve manipulated someone. However, most of us do want to be able to persuade people to adopt a certain point of view or change their behavior in order to benefit them.

Robert Jolles’ “decision cycle” in his book “How To Change Minds: The Art of Influence Without Manipulation” allows people to come to their own point of view and allows you to intervene in timely and helpful ways so that you can influence others to make helpful decisions for themselves. Especially useful for coaches who want to have a powerful impact on their clients.


It’s graduation season and thus it’s time to watch numerous commencement videos designed to inspire you and launch our newest graduates into the world.

Sara Kay has long been one of my favorite spoken word poets and her commencement address at Scripps College includes some of her original spoken word poetry as well as her thoughts on being in the process of constantly becoming. She is the founder of Project VOICE, a group that uses spoken word poetry to promote empowerment, literacy, and empathy in classrooms and communities around the globe. Enjoy!

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